Village Attorney


The Village Attorney serves as the legal representative for the Village government and is appointed by the Village Council. The Attorney counsels the Administration and Village Council on any legal matters that may arise.

The Attorney offers legal opinions regarding interpretation of the Village Code of Ordinances and Illinois Statutes, represents the Village in any litigation, reviews contracts and agreements and assists in the development of ordinances and resolutions.

Village Attorney contact information:

Edward J. Mitchell
110 N. Broad Street
Lanark, IL  61046

Phone: (815) 493-6339


The Village of Chadwick code contains ordinances up to and including ordinance 484.  Consult the village office in order to ascertain whether any particular provision of the code has been amended, superseded or repealed. 

PDF file Click to view the Village Code Book. 

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Local Elections

APRIL 6, 2021

The Next Consolidated Election is APRIL 6, 2021
Local offices up for election are:  Village President and Trustees

Village President (4-year Term) expires:

  • Kimberly Hinrichs

Three (3) Village Trustees (2-year Terms) are expiring:

  • Virginia Brinkmeier
  • Debra Burns
  • Larry Miller